Zoe Vernon


Effective working across all sectors, Zoe has particular expertise in educational, office, and residential buildings whilst nurturing her interest in M & E acoustics. With an inherently competitive nature driving her to succeed, Zoe’s analytical, organised approach and attention to detail make her a valued supporting member of the team. Zoe’s confident approach enables her to challenge work processes; improving efficiency and freeing up valuable time for senior consultants to spend on the more difficult issues.

Her determination for finding the right, most cost-effective solution, combined with a keen insight into the bigger picture, allows Zoe to get involved with every stage of a project, from putting together a fee proposal, to pre-completion testing at the end. Often taking over the daily running of smaller projects, Zoe can be found coordinating acoustic strategy with architects and contractors alike, ensuring that the final scheme fits with all other disciplines.

MACH Acoustics values Zoe’s ability to combine excellent technical skills with the ability to engage with people on all levels – a rare mix for an engineer.

Zoe Vernon

Department: MACH Acoustics, MACH Residential

Contact: zoe@machacoustics.com

0117 944 1388