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MACH Group are the UK’s leading national
provider for Part E Pre Completion Acoustic Sound Testing and building
compliance services. Our team are made up of passionate and knowledgeable
individuals ready to help and fulfil your building compliance needs for Part E
and Part L.
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Sound insulation testing or pre completion testing is required on new build and converted properties. To demonstrate compliance a property will require airborne or structure borne sound insulation testing. This is necessary to meet “Approved Document E of the Building Regulations for England and Wales – Resistance to Passage of Sound.”

It can sound daunting that your building requires testing, however MACH Group are here to help you get the certificates that you need.

Based in Bristol we provide  Acoustic Testing, Air Leakage and  Consultancy  services UK Wide including England and Wales. MACH are experienced specialist Construction Consultants who are accredited by ANC and members of ATTMA.  MACH can undertake and complete air tightness, air leakage and air pressure testing and consultancy services relating to Building Regulations Part L and acoustic sound insulation/separation testing and consultancy services relating to Building Regulations Part E.  In addition, MACH also undertake Noise Surveys for Planning Purposes such as BS4142 and BS8233 Surveys for to sign off planning conditions.

Testing can be undertaken at a time to best suit our clients including evenings or even overnight if required. Our longstanding accreditation by ANC and ATTMA membership means that experienced, conscientious and reliable test engineers attend your site and are trained to undertake L1 Domestic Air Pressure Testing. We can also undertake Sound Insulation Testing for compliance with Building Regulations Part E or Noise Measurements for compliance with BREEAM or BS8233 and BS4242 on the same site visit, which can minimise costs as discounts are applied.

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MACH provide pre completion acoustic testing for the specific building compliance that you require. Our work covers all the requirements that you need in order to hand over your building correctly. Based in Bristol and London we are able to covering a the whole range of the UK with fast response on engineer call out as well as fast turn around on certificates. Our efficient, experienced and friendly staff will guide you through your acoustical needs and ensure that the services we provide are completed accurately, quick and efficiently.

Why choose MACH?

  • Highly helpful and experienced staff which provide assistance of no job to small or large.
  • Same day certificates – quick turn around from testing to certificates.
  • Affordable and competitive rates.
  • ANC accredited
  • Is my development ready for testing?

Sound insulation testing takes place at a “pre completion” stage. This means that your development needs to be almost complete with doors in place, windows and trickle vents fitted, power is not necessary on site due to all of our equipment being battery powered. During the sound insulation tests, we will require a quiet site so as to not affect the test results.

  • Why use an ANC accredited company?

Building Regulations require an accredited company with suitably qualified engineers to undertake sound insulation tests. This ensures that sound test results are accepted by Building Control. All engineers at MACH Acoustics are qualified acousticians and the company is ANC accredited for sound insulation performance testing, giving you the reassurance of receiving a professional service and certificates that will be recognised by your Building Control Officer.

  • What requirements do I need to meet?

Approved Document Part E provides detailed requirements of what your property needs, if it alien to you then give us a call on XXXXXXXX and we can run through and discuss what your development and site specifically needs.

  • What is a test fails to meet the requirement?

The tests remain fully payable even if there are failures, with a discount if a development requires a retest. We understand that this possibility is a concern to our clients and therefore offer design advice on remedial measures from our expert engineers. We do however recommend you engage us prior to the construction phase in order for us to provide you with a detailed project-tailored design review.