Product Key Features

What We offer

The NAT Vent Attenuator’s key features are its patented technology, based around the honeycomb structure; the novel, W-shaped splitter arrangement; and the materials used to make it.

The simple manufacturing process delivers a lightweight, cost-effective product, which is also exceptionally flexible and able to fit into a wide range of spaces and locations.

The NAT Vent Attenuator is rigorously tested using the in-house test facilities at MACH Acoustics, ensuring that the product’s acoustic specification meets the most exacting project requirements. We work closely with design teams for the seamless co-ordination of products and efficient installation.


The NAT Vent Attenuator is made by cutting a block of acoustic foam into W-shaped tiles. These tiles are tessellated and stacked together to form the product’s shape. Since we do not hold stock, manufacturing is bespoke for each project – at no extra cost.


The lightweight and flexible nature allows the product to be installed in a number of unique ways. This can be essential when a large unforeseen obstacle requires to be navigated meaning that traditional metal cased units cannot be manipulated.

Simple Installation

Installation to a duct typically takes less than 1 hour. The acoustic foam block are simply stacked to create the honeycomb formation in the duct, orientated for air flow through the gaps. Since it isn’t a pre-defined size, there isn’t a tight specification to follow or critical dimensions to build to, it is bespoke without the cost.

Cost and Space Saving

The fact that the NAT vent is supported off the MF metalwork and not off uni struts or any other structure allows for considerable cost savings. The cost savings are not just in material savings, but also through installation and labor times.

Unqiue Application

MACH Acoustics are passionate about all aspects of acoustic design. Every job is unique and presents new challenges. As forward thinking acoustic consultants, we have incorporated the NVA into many builds using many different techniques, all performing to their required specification and beyond.