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The Honeycomb Attenuator

The Honeycomb Attenuator has been designed to overcome the conflicts between natural ventilation and acoustics. The Honeycomb Attenuator allows the flow of air into and through a building, whilst reducing the passage of sound. This product can easily be incorporated into the facade of a building, allowing for natural ventilation on all sites, irrespective of environmental noise levels.

Acoustics of Vented Facades

One of the main difficulties in designing low energy buildings can be the prevention of noise break-in via vented facades. This chapter looks at a range of options and details which can be used to reduce environmental noise break-in from the many noisy sources affecting modern buildings, including motorways, dual carriageways, trains, airplanes and inner city noise.

The Future of Windows

MACH Acoustics recognizes the benefits of noise control through window design. The team at MACH Acoustics have therefore developed unique modeling tools, assessing noise mitigation solutions based around improving the acoustic performance of open windows, such to overcome noise break-in issues to residential buildings, offices and schools.