About Products

What We offer

MACH Acoustics and MACH Products offer acoustics consultancy and products for all types of building. As one of the UK’s largest & fastest growing acoustics businesses, we are proud of our award winning designs and the performance of our buildings.

Our Approach

In our experience many attenuators offer limited acoustic performance – plus they are inflexible, costly and lack technical innovation. The Honeycomb Attenuator was therefore designed, developed and produced by MACH Products to provide a low cost, flexible solution for low energy buildings. The concept and design specifications for this product came from MACH Acoustics’ consulting experience, knowledge and insight. The buildings we work with are often complex, so we spend time understanding exactly what a project requires. By considering the whole picture, thinking differently and working hard, our customers are assured of consistent delivery and positive results.

The Team

MACH Products is part of MACH Acoustics, a specialist acoustics consultancy providing acoustic design for all building types. We are proud of our products’ design and performance and to be one of the UK’s fastest growing acoustics consultancies.