There is no point improving the acoustic performance of an open window if it restricts the airflow, therefore we take a holistic approach to facade design.MACH Acoustics utilizes the test facilities at the University of Bath to measure the on site pressure drop/ discharge coefficient of windows. In conjunction with our in house modeling software, this allows for detailed CFD assessments to be undertaken for different window


Ventilation & Facade design

One of the main difficulties in designing low energy buildings is the prevention of noise break-in from the many noisy sources affecting modern buildings, including motorways, dual carriageways, trains, aeroplanes and inner city noise.

The acoustic design of the facade becomes fundamental; and the ability to provide high levels of sound resistance within a limited depth is often a requirement for an attenuator in the facade of a building.

Open Plan

Teaching in open plan spaces brings flexibility, creativity and many benefits. But designs often fall short of expectations due to poor acoustics.
Open Plan brochure outlines MACH Acoustics’ best practice and recommendations for open plan designs, based on our extensive experience in this area. Once the walls are removed we have to focus on speech intelligibility, which is critical to the success of any open plan teaching space. Communication is also vital however, as if the acoustic design is not bought into, it will not be implemented, resulting in a space that is not fit for purpose.


Acoustics of Open Windows

To create more sustainable buildings, mechanical ventilation must give way to naturally ventilated designs which can reduce a building’s energy consumption by half. But letting in fresh air also allows in noise, so acoustics and ventilation often compromise one another. In noisy, urban locations we resort to using clumsy acoustic attenuators or keeping windows shut to avoid noise break-in.
Extensive research, testing and modelling by MACH Acoustics shows that better functioning, well-engineered window designs can mitigate against noise while allowing natural ventilation. In Future Of Windows brochure we outline the scope of our work and how windows of the future might look.

Web Based Design Tools

At MACH we believe that by sharing information and lessons learned from our extensive research and development programme, more buildings will be built around informed design strategies, resulting in less resilience and lower costs.
Our standalone Web Based Design Tools place our expertise at your fingertips and offer an excellent way of investigating ideas and concepts at the early stages of building design.