About MACH Energy

Introducing MACH Energy

As MACH Energy, we now offer a full building physics consultancy service. ‘Building physics’ describes the way different elements work together to affect a building’s overall performance. This includes part L compliance (SAP/SBEM), daylight/shading, thermal comfort (overheating assessment), ventilation, air tightness and acoustics.
About MACH Energy

Why Does Building Physics Matter?

• Often different elements of a building’s
functionality are overseen separately, but
for a low carbon building to work efficiently
they should be considered together.

• Clashes frequently arise that restrict the
sustainability of a design, for instance:

• Ventilation means opening the windows
which impacts on acoustics
• Lighting requires sunshine which can
cause overheating and then impacts on
ventilation and acoustics

Why Work With MACH Energy?

Technical, intelligent analysis for simple and efficient design

We approach each building with a strong analytical focus, that reviews its performance through a number of thermal, acoustic and ventilation models. We look for opportunities for natural ventilation wherever possible, providing clean, simple solutions that work.

Holistic approach

We use a holistic approach to ensure we maximise a building’s optimum overall performance and find ‘sweet spot’, where it performs to its best ability. To achieve this we must fine tune and balance out
daylight, ventilation, energy use and acoustics.

Value Engineering

Thermal modelling not only helps a building perform at its most efficient, it saves money. Pursuing a natural ventilation strategy frequently brings potential value engineering options. By optimizing the performance we can usually reduce energy and build costs.

Highly Communicative

We know that for clients to understand our complex modelling we must communicate it effectively and work collaboratively to get ‘buy
in’ for the optimum design.

MACH Energy Brochure

'MACH believe in holistic design to achieve the right balance between daylight/shading, thermal comfort, natural ventilation, energy consumption, air tightness and acoustics'

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