One of the main ways to reduce energy loss from a building is to improve its airtightness. Achieving typical building regulation criteria can be relatively straightforward, whereas getting an air tightness of 5 m3/hr/m2 or lower may require specialist input which MACH Energy can provide.

As a core PassivHaus principle, we know the pitfalls and risk factors often encountered when trying to maximize a building’s  airtightness,  such as when simplifying detailing and build sequencing to reduce cost and risk during the construction stage of a project.

Where improving above Part L (e.g. BREEAM Ene credits), a high airtightness may also be needed to achieve the targets.

Air tightness is also a good value engineering tool, as increasing the airtightness of a building can broaden the number of options to find a suitable façade build-up, which in turn can result in more floor space and cheaper construction costs, while still achieving Part L criteria.

Air Tightness Consultancy

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Air Tightness Consultancy
Air Tightness Consultancy
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