Environmental Noise Impact Assessments

What is a noise survey and noise assessment?

Noise survey and noise impact assessments help the design and satisfy planning conditions for developments. This can include new build projects or existing projects that require planning approval. Noise surveys include noise measurements on site. The survey provides existing noise levels of the site to determine the predicted internal noise levels in line with specified guidance for the development. Alternatively, noise surveys and noise impact assessments are required to discharge planning conditions relating to noise. This includes completing a background noise survey to obtain the existing background noise level and ensure that newly proposed plant does not exceed the planning condition criteria.

Environmental Noise Assessments
Environmental Noise Assessments

What types of noise impact assessment do we provide?

Residential noise assessment for BS8233

Prior to the commencement of your development a noise survey and assessment will be required to ensure suitable internal noise levels are met in line with BS8233. MACH will complete a noise survey at the proposed site which will detail the minimum façade specification that can be used for planning approval.

Post completion planning condition internal noise level sound surveys

Many local authorities are now requiring a post completion internal noise level survey to be completed to ensure internal noise levels in line with BS8233 are met. This involves measuring for a day and night period to understand if the built façade is sufficiently reducing the noise in bedrooms and living rooms.