BS4142 Assessments

Plant Noise Impact Assessment
Are you planning on installing plant equipment at your development and require a noise assessment for planning approval?

BS4142 noise assessments are required to support planning applications prior to the installation of new plant equipment at your development. BS4142 is specifically used for plant equipment containing noise sources of an industrial or commercial nature. The plant noise BS4142 noise assessment guidance ensures that noise levels from proposed plant equipment are adequately controlled to ensure that the nearest residential receptors are not being adversely affected by the noise levels of new air source heat pumps, air conditioning units, condenser units, kitchen extraction fans. The British Standard 4142 can also be used for noise assessments required for moving plant and machinery such as forklift trucks, warehouse deliveries and workshop tool equipment noise.

We can assist with liaising with the local authority to ensure the correct methodology and planning criteria is considered to ensure you achieve planning approval. We have completed over thousands noise assessments within various local authorities and London boroughs. Our robust assessment methodology using accurate noise modelling software ensures that you achieve planning approval. Our honest and robust approach will include necessary mitigation, when required, to ensure that the local authority believe robustness.

BS4142 Assessments
BS4142 Assessments
BS4142 Assessment Typical Methodology – How will we completed your assessment?

One of our highly experience engineers will attend the site to measure the existing background noise level at the nearest residential receptors for the proposed operational hours for your new equipment. With our offices in Bristol and London we can typically send engineers out with a quick turnaround and get your noise assessment report completed efficiently and professionally.

Once we have ascertained necessary background noise levels from the survey measurements, we will use noise modelling software to predict noise levels at the residential receptors from new plant equipment.

If the plant equipment exceeds the specific local authority criteria, then we will provide suitable mitigation measures.

Our noise survey and noise impact assessment methodology will be detailed in a comprehensive noise impact assessment report that can be submitted to planning to achieve planning approval success.