SBEM stands for Simplified Building Energy Modelling and is a method of calculating the energy efficiency of a non-residential building. An SBEM assessment is required under Part L2 of the building regulations.


We Offer

Compliance package for
Part L and Part E:

Airtightness testing

Airtightness consultancy

Noise testing



Our Services

Our staff are trained to provide Level 4 and 5 SBEM assessments, where we can review large complicated developments with atriums or BMS, while also providing quicker, more efficient assessments for simpler projects.

MACH will provide fast and effective advice on various improvements that can be applied to the design.

This will enable the design team to work towards compliance and determine any cost-saving or design efficiency measures that can be included within the project.

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Get in touch  to ask for a quote for a SAP Assessment. Please also see our list of required information for SAP calculations, which helps make the process quicker and smoother

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