The Curve, Slough


MACH Acoustics is to provide the acoustic design for the new development of The Curve, Slough. This report will specifically present advice regarding the room acoustics of the large open plan spaces within the building.

There is currently no standard on which to base the acoustic design of libraries; therefore, MACH Acoustics have determined appropriate design targets through visits to a number of existing library spaces. This has been discussed in previous MACH Acoustics reports, please see ‘’Slough Library – Acoustics of Large Spaces – 11th May 2010’ for further details.

This document will outline the theory and methodology of predicting the room acoustics and noise propagation of the café space on the ground floor and main library space over the first and second floor.

3D modelling has been carried out for both spaces, taking account of all proposed finishes so as to predict the reverberation time and sound propagation within and between the two areas. It is found that due to a large amount of Class A absorption within both spaces, the target reverberation time should be achieved, and the possibility of unwanted noise leaking from the café to the library has been minimised.

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