Facade Optimisation For A Primary School

MACH is now pleased to offer additional consultancy services beyond acoustics. We have now decided it is time to branch out into a more holistic building design approach by including building physics, with the creation of MACH Energy. We have been working on this for the last couple of years and have been partnering with experts in the industry.

We are now able to provide advice on natural ventilation, daylighting, energy use and thermal comfort as well as acoustics, of course. Where we believe we can make a real difference is by not looking at individual elements, but offering holistic consultancy that considers how each factor interacts with the other. You would be surprised on how the level of daylight in a room influences the internal noise level!

Here is a report by MACH Energy that covers this in more detail, showing how we approach façade optimisation and how we apply this to our projects.

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