The Future of Windows Book


MACH use a variety of testing and modelling methods with a holistic approach to design, looking at acoustics, ventilation, thermal and energy together.
Current Knowledge

To create more sustainable buildings, mechanical ventilation must give way to naturally ventilated designs which can reduce a building’s energy consumption by half. But letting in fresh air also allows in noise, so acoustics and ventilation often compromise one another.

The Future of Windows

The team at MACH Acoustics have therefore developed unique modeling tools, assessing noise mitigation solutions based around improving the acoustic performance of open windows, such to overcome noise break-in issues to residential, offices and schools.

MACH's Modelling & Test Facilities

Two types of modelling have been used by MACH in establishing the performance of open windows; Finite Element Analysis used to determine the exact frequency performance of different opening arrangements, and Finite Time difference modelling is used to illustrate and present the passage of sound through windows.

Modelling & Testing Results

We have attempted to establish the performance of windows, as well as investigating methods of enhancing the performance of vented facades. Our research pot has grown, allowing us to investigate the acoustic performance of open windows by means of analytical models.